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Wildhorn® Fine Cosmetics

Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil

Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil

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In the heart of Switzerland, we've devoted all our energies to create one and only exceptional product (yes, we produce only the Wildhorn!), a youth elixir for your skin, thanks to the potency of cold-extracted active ingredients from plants grown in Switzerland.

This cosmetic treasure has been meticulously formulated with ingredients sourced from Swiss lands, produced in limited quantities in an ISO 22716-compliant laboratory.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated through rigorous independent laboratory tests on human volunteers. The active ingredients, cold-extracted without any refinement, work in synergy to increase skin elasticity and visibly reduce the signs of aging. An authentic elixir of youth that only Swiss nature can offer.

What makes The Wildhorn truly unique is its 100% natural composition with ingredients sourced from plants cultivated in pristine Swiss mountains.


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Au cœur de la Suisse, nous avons consacré toutes nos énergies à créer un produit exceptionnel,uniqueen son genre (oui,nous ne produisons que le Wildhorn!), un élixir de jeunesse pourvotre peau, grâce à la puissance des actifs extraits à froid des plantes cultivées en Suisse.

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