History of the Wildhorn®

During the course of almost 30 years serving women and helping to accentuate their beauty, in watchmaking, jewellery and, especially since 2000, in cosmetics, I have seen a profound evolution in their expectations and heartfelt wishes.

Making themselves beautiful, using original products to enhance their appearance and achieving visible results have remained a constant for women over the generations, passed down from mother to daughter. What has changed is the desire to use natural products, free from chemicals and truly sustainable.

So, together with my team, I have worked on creating a brand of cosmetics capable of satisfying a list of specifications that is as simple to set out as it is difficult to implement:

  • Genuinely positive and measurable results on the skin.
  • Exclusively local Swiss ingredients.
  • A unique and pleasant fragrance.
  • Environmentally-friendly and sustainable supply and production processes.

A driving force behind Wildhorn® is the determination to work with ingredients obtained from nature or from environmentally-friendly and sustainable cultivation in Switzerland. Thus, we buy our raw materials from local producers. We take great care in using an exclusive cold-pressing process that is kind to the plants so that the oil retains all its natural properties. We do not use any chemical refining processes. Our plant oils are pure, not heated, not refined, just slowly filtered. Any waste is recycled into biogas.

The original and distinctive Wildhorn® fragrance is the result of the unique blend of the plant and essential oils that make up this product..

Formulating cosmetics with substances acquired so patiently requires thinking outside of the box. That’s why we invest continuously in our facilities to enable Wildhorn® to meet the strictest health and production standards and to continue combining effectiveness, natural properties, sustainability and high quality: Fine Cosmetics finally invented.

The effectiveness of a cosmetic product is essential for us. We would not consider launching a formula unless its effectiveness was significant and scientifically proven by an independent laboratory.

Our endeavors have achieved the first Wildhorn® product:


What could be more natural than a cosmetic product originating from the wild and natural landscape of our mountains and from our sustainable cultivation?

What could be more honest than our pride in using genuine local ingredients of high quality and proven effectiveness?

What could be more effective than a beautifully fragrant oil that gives the skin everything it needs to regenerate and fight the signs of ageing?

I wish you as much pleasure using our oil as we have in our daily work for Wildhorn® Fine Cosmetics.

Hervé Loubet