Business Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Wildhorn!

Do you want to offer Wildhorn to your customers in your physical store?

You will enrich your offering with a unique, high-quality product that is effective and has a delightful scent. Additionally, our marketing support is guaranteed, both in terms of giving visibility to your store and providing monthly marketing consultations for sales.

Here's what you will receive:

  • A unique and effective product for a discerning clientele concerned about well-being and nature.
  • An elegant display that will enhance the value of your store.
  • Our marketing support for store visibility, free
  • Our marketing consultations, free
  • New earning opportunities.

Here are the characteristics of the store that sells Wildhorn:

  • Cosmetic product store
  • Pharmacy
  • Beauty salon
  • Herbalist shop
  • Natural product store
  • Hotel boutique
  • Spa boutique
  • Dedicated display space for Wildhorn
  • High-spending clientele

To start the conversation and evaluate a potential partnership, to learn more about the commercial details, please contact us now

+41 77 531 34 26