We Produce the Swiss Cosmetic Excellence Worldwide

Our ambition is clear: to produce the best truly 100% natural cosmetic oil, Made in Switzerland, with Swiss ingredients, for the global market. Period. Wildhorn embodies Swiss tradition, natural beauty, and unparalleled quality. We are proud to share with you our creation, a declaration of love for nature and the well-being of your skin. Discover how we create Wildhorn:

Nature as Inspiration

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine 100% Natural Skin Oil

Our philosophy is simple: only the best is good enough for your skin. Every bottle of Wildhorn is a testament to our commitment to the ecosystem and your beauty. Our product is 100% natural, made exclusively from plant-based raw materials grown or cultivated in the pure Swiss wilderness. The beauty, purity, and power of nature are at the core of every drop of Wildhorn.

The Secret of Quality: Cold Extraction Without Refinement

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine 100% Natural Skin Oil

Our oil extraction process is rigorously controlled and environmentally friendly. Cold-extracted oils maintain their precious properties, ensuring that your skin receives maximum benefits. Wildhorn embraces the concept of "less is more," rejecting any form of refinement to preserve the purity of nature. In addition, filtration occurs by natural settling, slow and entirely chemical-free, without mechanical acceleration.

Swiss Raw Materials: The Heart of Wildhorn

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine 100% Natural Skin Oil

Each bottle of Wildhorn begins with the essence of Switzerland: the raw materials. Vegetables from local farms, grown in the pristine soil of the Swiss Alps, form the foundation of everything. The purity and freshness of these raw materials are essential to ensure the exceptional quality of Wildhorn.

Wildhorn has always been committed to quality, naturalness, and local origin. For example, for grape seed and apricot oil, not finding local suppliers that met our high standards, we took a bold step. We invested in creating top-quality grape and apricot oils on-site, acquiring the necessary machinery to ensure a completely controlled artisanal process.

ISO 22716 Certification, Beauty, and Sustainability

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine 100% Natural Skin Oil

We built a brand-new building for our company headquarters: with the highest standards of safety, hygiene, and quality, for production, storage, and employee well-being. In fact, the quality of our laboratory is certified according to ISO 22716 standards, ensuring that every bottle of Wildhorn that reaches your hands is the result of meticulous effort and an unwavering commitment to quality.

We haven't forgotten aesthetics and sustainability: the building respects green spaces (and we have a small vegetable garden where all the plants that are ingredients of Wildhorn grow!) and is visually pleasing. The energy we use comes from local hydroelectric sources, and all production waste is transformed into biogas.

Furthermore, our headquarters are located within the Ecoparc de Daval, in the Sun City of Sierre: the Regulation governing the Ecoparc translates into various concrete measures that complement each other:

mandatory green areas for each plot

highly recommended use of solar energy

energy efficiency: one's waste becomes another's energy source

requirements for good social practices, particularly in terms of working conditions.

Limited Production: Excellence in Every Bottle

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine 100% Natural Skin Oil

The limited production of Wildhorn reflects our commitment to quality at every level. We maintain complete control over production to ensure that every bottle of Wildhorn is an authentic work of art, born of passion and dedication.

An intriguing fact is that, to produce approximately 10 ml of our precious grape seed oil, it takes a whole 1 kg of grape Marc! This quantity underscores the intensity and purity of our production process, maximizing the natural power of the ingredients.

A Swiss Spirit in Every Detail

From start to finish, Wildhorn is a celebration of Switzerland. Raw materials come from local producers, the production process is entirely localized in the Swiss Alps, and even the packaging is created in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Wildhorn pays tribute to Swiss craftsmanship, the surrounding environment, and its beauty