Why the Wildhorn is unique?

Wildhorn®uses 99.9% of the ingredients from plants that have actually grown in Switzerland. We source them from local producers. We cold-press our plant oils ourselves using an exclusive process that is kind to the plants so that the oils retain all their natural properties. The formula and the fragrance are unique and natural. Their effectiveness and their perfect skin tolerance are tested by an independant laboratory. Wildhorn®makes sure that you are using a truly local, natural, effective and pleasant product.

Is the Wildhorn cruelty free and vegan?

Yes, it is made only from vegetal ingredients and it is NOT tested on non-human animals. We have tested it on happy human volunteers!

Is the Wildhorn organic?

Our ethical vision of an organic product is that 100% of its ingredients should come from organic cultivation, not less. Until we can reach this requirement we only highlight the naturalness of our product.

Why cold-pressed and not refined oils?

It is Wildhorn®'s philisophy to respect plants. Thus, the oils are cold-pressed using an exclusive process before they are filtered to remove impurities. The refining process takes place without the use of chemical solvents for decolorization and deodorization.. This in turn causes the loss of phospholipids, which are precious for the skin as well as of the majority of the beneficial properties of the plant.

Why 0.1% Tocopherol?

The 0.1% Tocopherol or vitamin E that Wildhorn®uses comes from non-transgenic soya. Obtaining the vitamin E requires a complex process and know-how, which is unfortunately not (yet) available in Switzerland. This vitamin E has an antioxidant effect both on the product and on the skin.

How long does a bottle of Wildhorn last?
Depending on usage, a bottle of Wildhorn typically lasts for 1 to 2 months when used on the face and hands.

Is the Wildhorn suitable for sensitive skins?

The concentration of essential oils is very low. However, we recommend that people who are allergic to their allergenic components previously do a test application inside the elbow.

Is the Wildhorn suitable for oily skins?

Yes! An oily skin is often the result of poorly nourished skin, sometimes cumulated with weakening caused by agressive treatments. If the skin gets high quality lipids it will stop producing excess sebum to protect itself and it will go back to its natural balance.

Is the Wildhorn sustainable?

Yes, our production facilities use only hydroelectric energy and the waste is recycled in biogas

How to use the Wildhorn?

Thanks to its unique composition of 100% active ingredients, the Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil can be used as a night treatment and mixed with your day cream. Its effects replace and even surpass those of a serum. It has been carefully formulated to be a comprehensive treatment, yet easy and safe to combine with your usual skincare routine.