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Wildhorn Fine Cosmetics

Amour Atemporel

Amour Atemporel

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The richest love gift.
Limited edition of 50 copies: "Amour Atemporel".

You will not only receive the Wildhorn skincare oil, but also a limited edition gift box filled with experiences and many additional gifts.

DROP is the gift version of the iconic and luxurious Wildhorn 13 ml.

The oil is the same, but the quantity is adjusted for those who want to give a gift or try the product.

1 gift box with artwork

1 DROP, hskincare oil (3ml)

1 DROP box with a handwritten serial number

1 personal dedication, handwritten

1 printed graphic novel with audio

1 welcome brochure with a message from the owner

1 card with an automatic discount of higher value, to purchase the larger format, Wildhorn 13ml

2 cards to give gifts to friends

1 card with a video tutorial of Wildhorn rituals

1 card with an online experience about ingredients and production

Lots of love and joy

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Au cœur de la Suisse, nous avons consacré toutes nos énergies à créer un produit exceptionnel,uniqueen son genre (oui,nous ne produisons que le Wildhorn!), un élixir de jeunesse pourvotre peau, grâce à la puissance des actifs extraits à froid des plantes cultivées en Suisse.

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