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The first two videos you've watched (you can revisit them on our YouTube channel) are the first in a series of three that highlight the key features of Wildhorn, the 100% natural cosmetic oil produced in limited quantities with botanical ingredients grown or cultivated in Switzerland.

Imagine a skincare elixir that defies the norms of the cosmetic industry.

Wildhorn is the oil that goes beyond, a 100% natural product tapping into the mysterious power of Nature, giving your skin authentic and effective strength. Nothing synthetic, just the enchantment of botanical ingredients cultivated or grown in the remote peaks of the Swiss Alps.



Step into our world and uncover the secret of skincare that transcends the ordinary. Wildhorn is the mystery unveiled for those seeking magic in their beauty routine.

Explore a luxurious product, an ode to the richness of Swiss Nature, an extraordinary experience for your skin and well-being. The benefits on your skin are just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

The unique scent of Wildhorn tells tales of the wild Swiss Nature, enveloping you in a mysterious and adventurous embrace. Each drop is poetry, each touch a unique sensory experience.

Wildhorn is:

- 100% natural

- Ingredients selected from Switzerland

- Produced in limited quantities

- Effective for regenerating facial, hand, and body skin

- Smells like Swiss nature

- Vegan and cruelty-free

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