Wildhorn Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil by @girlwithponytail

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Wildhorn Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil by @girlwithponytail

A miraculous Facial oil that promises to diminish wrinkles and increase skin elasticity in 2 months? I had the chance to test the @wildhornfinecosmetics SWISS ALPINE REGENERATING FACIAL OIL

About the brand
Wildhorn Fine Cosmetic is a Swiss brand. It’s named after a mountain in the Swiss alps (3,248 metres above sea). The wild nature of the place inspired the creation of a skincare brand conceived with Swiss ingredients, natural and pure, that would provide the efficacity and clean formula 100% natural, not tested on animals!

The face oil comes in a beautiful green bottle with a pipette. It contains 100% natural active ingredients. Did you know that nothing in the skincare word has that percentage of active ingredients?! Most brands mix the active ingredients with water, perfume and other additives. 
Also the ingredients are 99.9% produced in Switzerland. I love to support local brands!
Now the most impressive fact: The oil doesn’t contain any additives, it’s cold pressed (to maintain the properties of the natural ingredients) and has no added fragrance.

The oil is very rich and has quite a thick oily consistency. I’ve been using it for two months now, in the morning and in the evening. It’s not greasy at all and prefect under my daily make up. My skin feels very moist after using it. I love that it penetrates very quickly and doesn’t leave a tacky feeling. It’s definitely made for every skin type. 
My skin looks better for me and way more radiant. My forehead and chin looks smoother and feels softer. My fine lines distended and I look more relaxed! Honesty this oil is TRUE LOVE and if you have a chance to grab it DO IT. 
PS: my mom tested it too and she is absolutely in Love. Her skin never looked as smooth as after using this face oil. #mommyapproved

Where can you get it?
For the moment this oil is only available locally in Pharmacies and Parfumeries. But it will be out soon on their own web page! 
The bottle contains 13ml of product and retails for 180 CHF.

Thank you @wildhornfinecosmetics for the product ♥️ *gifted

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